Necessary I.T.E.M.S. Project is an award winning theatre company. I.T.E.M.S. stands for Inner Truth, Experience, Movement, Style - all are items necessary in our creative work. Our actors look for INNER TRUTHs of their characters and therefore - their own artistic truth. We train our actors to constantly search for and  EXPERIENCE the emotional and intellectual states of their characters. Our directors love movement and choreography. MOVEMENT is life! We believe that bodies in motion are beautiful. By STYLE we mean our artistic style, the search for  our unique way of expression on stage as a company.


We are so happy to be presenting MAN FROG and OTHER PEOPLE by Eugene Muzica at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity 2018!!! 

More info coming soon!


Congratulations to our director Irina Abraham and set designer Tim Abraham on being 

awarded Best Director and Best Set Designer at The Planet Connections Festivity.

We are also very proud of our nominees Danijela Popovic (Best Lead Actress nomination), Genia Starcev (Best Supporting Actress nomination), Kellen Lopes (Best Costume Design nomination), and our collaborators the music collective Jews Of Malta (Best Score nomination).  

And drum rolls... The (Last) Station was nominated for Best Overall Production!

The (Last) Station presented by Necessary I.T.E.M.S. Project, written by Eugene Muzica, directed by Irina Abraham, choreographed by Georgina Bates and Irina Abraham, set design  by Timothy Abraham.
Experimental, physical and absurdist theatres meet this Summer at The (Last) Station by Eugene Muzica, written in the avant-garde style of Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco, complete with the underlying yearning for a different reality. The distracted and neurotic characters have one objective: to go to the sea. But this turns out to be a mission impossible. Matters complicate even more because of the mysterious radio announcements in which a menacing Orwellian voice of Mister Tenant constantly makes vague threats. How much of their lives is governed by fear?